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W. "Ian" Blanton
"W. 'Ian' Blanton has been involved with the Macintosh from the time in 1988, when he kicked out the power-plug from his roommates brand new Mac II series and thought he killed it, to being network admin for an entire Air Force base full of macs. He currently works for Tech Superpowers as the Director of Onsite Consulting, where he continues to hone his razor-like Mac skills. If you're into torment, you can read his Weblog.
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Johnathan Duke
Jonathan Duke is so busy fixing, maintaining, and enjoying the Mac that he hasn't even found time to put together a bio. Although he swears it'd be done if Rendezvous was involved, somehow. Always wanted to work that in.
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Andy Espo
In 1988, while running a successful event production company, Andy Espo realized his business' need for a computer system. "At that time, the only choices available were DOS and Mac," commented Andy, "It was a pretty easy decision!" With experience in professional audio, video, theatrical lighting and scenery, Andy was determined to add the automation of his own business to his technical repertoire. As his company grew, so too did his reputation for knowing Macs. In 1998, Andy transitioned out of event production and into being the full-time, "Mac-Guy". Now in it'sęsixth year, Call Andy! Macintosh Consulting retains an array of clients in the public relations, marketing, architecture, advertising and design sectors. Andy is an Apple Consultants Network member.
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Laura Gray
Laura Beryl Gray was a medieval reenactor and winner of awards for her calligraphy and illumination and period costuming. She began with an Apple ][e computer in 1984. Using that 128K machine and AppleWorks, she successfully lobbied by mail for legislation in all 50 states. In 1988 she joined the Apple ][ user group in the Boston Computer Society serving as "Neophyte Interface." She still plays that role on the BMac BOD, reminding the UberGeeks what more typical Mac users understand. And she still does calligraphy and illumination on her iMac.
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Gary Harding
Gary Harding began playing with computers in 1973. During his college and grad school years he took numerous computer courses and throughout his career computers have played a significant role. Gary has worked for a Fortune 50 firm, has been associated with three start-ups, and was an entrepreneur. In addition, he taught both Management Accounting and Accounting Information Systems at Bentley College for several years. Gary has been a Mac evangelist since 1987 when he was the Product Manager for Insight, an award winning accounting software package for the Mac. In 1990 Gary established a Mac consulting practice specializing in accounting solutions. Gary returned to the corporate world in 1995 and spent the next 6 years as a manager in the computer operations group at Thomson Financial. Today Gary views the Mac as an incredible tool that he uses every day.
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Brendon Randall
It's not hard to be a Mac zealot when you're already into design and are a conservatory-trained musician... it doesn't get much more stereotypical than Brendon's background. Fortunately, design, music, and technology come together for him every day as the Technology Director of From the Top, one of the most popular programs heard nationally on public radio. Here at BMac, Brendon serves as the official webmaster of the BMac site. So direct all flames his way, he can take it. Actually, point 'em at Josh.
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